HTML and CSS (JavaScript) intro

I signed for a course to learn how to code and start constructing my own sites. It started with the video ad featuring Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg where the empower people to learn programing, specially young people without discarding people from all ages.

The idea behind the campaign was to tell people that programing is not as difficult as it may be thought for many, and that effort, dedication and patience one can learn and go forward. The truth is that programing will be as important as learning how to read and write is today. It’s also a competitive advantage for everyone at the moment of looking for a job because an employer will certain choose someone who knows how to create websites and program than someone who has no idea what HTML or CSS is.

I’m taking the course in A esay to navigate site that provides incredible guidance from the first lesson. At the begining I felt alienated for knowing nothing about any concept, but after doing the excercises and reading the guides things start to get more easy. It’s a must to take notes in order to not get lost along the way.

To learn code and programing is fun. Much more than what I imagined. Along the process one realizes that the way you create the squeleton of a web page and the order is must have each piece of code is world with plenty of rules, characters, and challenges to overcome.

Once you start progressing on the lessons they give you badges for each one succesfully accomplished, and if you sincronized with Facebook they will appear on your profile to show your friends what an expert you’re becoming.

For the moment I’m writing this I have completed so far 8% of what would be the general introduction to programming. Which is nothing! and still yet I think I have learned lots and I’m already making some progress.

These are the modules one must pass to finish the complete course. I’ve accomplished 11 lessons from the first module, just 8% from the Getting Started with Programming.

getting started

A rapid calculation tells me  there’s  a long way to go. But it doesn’t concern me to be honest. This course recommends to make one lesson a day taking the time without hurrying it up to finish it, that doesn’t mean a real progress, what you need is patience, perseverance, and desire to learn.

8% of progress is nothing to brag about, but for a student it means something. At least I now have a basis for how to construct a web page, and already know how to to titles, paragraphs, sizes, fonts, italics, tables, division of paragraphs and tables, add different colors to fonts and backgrounds, insert links to images and text. Not much, but at the same time a lot for someone who had no notion of what HRML, SRC, S HREF or CSS really meant.

java-curriculoLittle by little you get to Rome

My intention is to continue the course as far as possible combining the exercises according to the timing. Since the first lesson it’s easy to get stick because the platform works very friendly so that you won’t get lost. Is not as friendly as to do the lessons for you, to the contrary it obliges the student to think and reforce what’s already known. I completely recomend it.

With only 11 lessons finished I can now see websited differently and understand some of how it was built and the level of complexity dedicated. It’s fair to say that it is no easy! It requires a lot of effort and work, attention to detail and creativity; but it’s not imposible. Just as the gurus tell on the video: anyone can do it. And I believe that’s true. If we all learned how to read and write, some better than others,I don’t see why at some moment in the future we cannot also learn how to programme.

These are the earned badges to the moment I write this


What they mean is: 50 exercises, basic concepts of HTML, HTML II, HTML III, create you own website and create your social media profile.

If al that stands for only 8% I cannot imagine the amount of new things awaiting.


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